Daulton's death adds to Phillies list, but still no connection

Embed from Getty Images The death of Darren Daulton the other day from brain cancer was a very tough event on longtime Phillies fans. Dutch was a very popular player among his peers and the fans really loved him too. His death is the 4th player that has been from the same aggressive brain cancer, Gliboblastoma, that has taken Tug McGraw, John Vukovich, and John Oates from us over the…

August 9, 2017

Schilling adds to list of Phillies with Cancer

Curt Schilling announced that he has cancer yesterday as many published reports have reported. He is the latest Phillies player to announce that he has the illness. The announcement was made on ESPN, which employs Schilling as an analyst. Though Schilling didn’t disclose what type of cancer it is, another Phillies pitcher has been affected by this disease. Schilling has taken a high road on this announcement and looks forward…

February 5, 2014