Thawing out.. is back!

January 17, 2018

Well, that wasn’t a long break from writing this Phillies blog.. FightinPhillies is back! I had planned to keep the blog in mothballs for a long time, the practice is called blog fading.. but my passion for the game and the Phils have overridden my need to again bring some writing back to my loyal readers! And thanks for staying with this blog, as the viewing readers approach near 1…


Kapler puts a positive effort forward visiting players in offseason

The time for Spring Training may be a couple weeks away, but there is a tall task ahead of Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, as he travelled down to Florida and the Dominican Republic to say hello and meet up with some players in the last couple of weeks. The quest for a great chemistry is underway as the Phillies are looking to really improve after several poor seasons. The team…

December 14, 2017