What would Matt Stairs would say about Phillies hitting ?

Embed from Getty Images This season, Matt Stairs made the transition from the TV booth to the coaching staff of the Phillies. He’s the Phillies hitting coach for 2017, but I am very curious to hear if he would critique this team the same now that he is in that role with the team. The Phillies seem the worst that they ever have at the plate, they swing and miss…

July 16, 2017

How Comcast Sportsnet ruined the Phillies TV broadcasts in 2014

#450584152 / gettyimages.com Both Ryne Sandberg and the ump should be tossing the Phillies TV broadcast out of the game! You have to admit, it’s been tough watching Philies baseball this season. Let alone the way the team has been playing, the TV broadcasts have suffered with the firings of Chris Wheeler and Gary ‘Sarge’ Matthews. In their place, Comcast Sportsnet, who recently signed a $2.5B extension for 25 years…

June 14, 2014