Zach Eflin has Changed His Profile

The Phillies best starting pitcher over the past month has been Zach Eflin. This is not the first time Eflin has gone on a dominant run, but he is doing something much different this time, actually striking batters out. Now Eflin has always had pedigree, he was a former 1st round pick traded in aContinue reading… Zach Eflin has Changed His Profile Author: Matt Winkelman From Feed: Powered by…

July 9, 2018

The Phillies Have Starting Pitching Depth?

The Phillies were supposed to have a young rotation full of upside. They were supposed to have depth on the way to fill in any cracks. As we open June, the rotation is still young, with only Jeremy Hellickson over 26 years old. They have had cracks, as Vince Velasquez joins Clay Buchholz on the DL. They have had depth that has been shoved in the cracks in a desperate…

June 1, 2017

The Return of Zach Eflin

Clay Buchholz is officially out for the season. Even if Buchholz had stayed healthy, it was likely that the Phillies were going to have a major pitcher injury at some point. The good news is the Phillies are strong in major league ready starting pitching. This time, the Phillies are not dipping down into the prospects, instead going with 23 year old, not quite a rookie, Zach Eflin. This is…

April 18, 2017

Franco Return Begins the Rebuild

All evidence points to the Phillies calling up 3rd baseman Maikel Franco this weekend. The team’s #3 prospect, who received a taste of the big leagues last September, should be taking over the starting role at the hot corner for the forseeable future. The team is in a very public rebuilding stage, one that will […] Franco Return Begins the Rebuild Author: Matthew Veasey From Feed: Powered by WPeMatico

May 13, 2015