Crash Bag #8: Mini Post-Draft Crash Bag

The MLB Draft happened this week, so without time for a massive mailbag you all answered the call for a few good questions. @Lead_FarmerSD: Is Bohm the safest first round pick the Phillies have made since Nola? The answer is yes and it isn’t particularly close, but that is boring, so I decided to rankContinue reading… Crash Bag #8: Mini Post-Draft Crash Bag Author: Matt Winkelman From Feed: Powered…

June 8, 2018

Crash Bag #7: What Are The Questions We Should Be Asking?

@JimClemmens: Why has everyone seemed to forget or ignore jesmuel valentin’s domestic violence history? I appreciate you asking this question, it is an important question to ask. I think on a basic level not many people know about it. For those without context, in April 2015 Jesmuel Valentin was arrested for domestic battery in an incidentContinue reading… Crash Bag #7: What Are The Questions We Should Be Asking? Author: Matt Winkelman…

May 20, 2018

Crash Bag #6: The Young Guys Might be Fine

Sorry for not writing much. I don’t have any excuses, so here is your questions answered. @andrewrnnier: Can they continue to find at bats for everyone/does the early success of Cesar make him more appealing in a trade thereby freeing up regular at bats for kingery @andrewrnnier: I guess the better question should have been, givenContinue reading… Crash Bag #6: The Young Guys Might be Fine Author: Matt Winkelman From Feed:…

April 13, 2018

Crash Bag #5: Investing in Prospects

Did you know the Phillies signed Jake Arrieta this week, because they did. It means there are no questions this week about whether the Phillies should sign Jake Arrieta. Instead this week I go on a tangent about paying minor leaguers. Also look for exciting site developments next week. @andrew_pantano: What would be the firstContinue reading… Crash Bag #5: Investing in Prospects Author: Matt Winkelman From Feed: Powered by…

March 16, 2018

Crash Bag #4: Desi Relaford is Salty

What is your favorite Desi Relaford memory — Justin Klugh (@justin_klugh) March 8, 2018 In case you hadn’t heard, Desi Relaford thinks Phillies fans are trash. Here’s a counterpoint: Desi Relaford is trash. In parts of five seasons with the Phillies, Relaford came to the plate 1189 times and produced a 66 OPS+. In every single season Relaford was with the Phillies, he was below replacement level. Here are his…

March 9, 2018

Crash Bag Volume #3: A Spring Training Lightning Round

None of the questions this week had deep answers needed, so I just answered them all. A big thank you to everyone who applied to write here. I will get back to you this weekend, and for the rest of you I am excited about some of the new voices we may add to the site. @derrick_gentner: What’s your opening day lineup? 2B Cesar Hernandez 1B Carlos Santana LF Rhys Hoskins…

March 2, 2018

Crash Bag Volume #2: The Third Base Problem

There is currently a baseball game playing on a screen in front of me. We are still 5 weeks from opening day, thus we enter a time of questions and praying for health. @KRAM209: It seems like the Phillies have had trouble finding 3B prospects of late.  Why?  What do you think they should do differently? Here are the third basemen the Phillies have drafted with day 1 or 2…

February 23, 2018

Crash Bag S2018 Volume #1: Baseball Is Back

In just under a week the Phillies will be playing their first baseball game of the year as they try to not lose to a bunch of college students. Until then it is time for fuzzy pictures of players stretching, worry about the state of the rotation, and apparently a picture of my cat. @DaleACooke: I love Roman Quinn at SS bc elevates flexibility joe Maddon-esque. Are Phillies looking to…

February 16, 2018

Crash Bag Vol. 45 – Poetry And Prospects And Punters (Wait…Quarterbacks, Not Punters)

I greet you with this query from Poet Laureate of The Phils Blogosphere: What are the best soil nutrients? — Wet Luzinski (@Wet_Luzinski) December 15, 2017 My response to this reference to an interesting quote from our new field manager, is a verse for that February day when spring returns to Clearwater, Florida, while the rest of us still slowly move out of winter. SOIL As frost wanes As snow…

December 15, 2017

Crash Bag Vol. 44 – The Best Phillies Rotation

This week was a quiet one if you weren’t Jerry Dipoto despite it being the GM’s meetings. So with that, some questions. @MichaelStubel: You’re tasked with putting together a rotation comprised of Phillies starters from the post-integration era. Who makes the cut? I laid some rules for this exercise before starting. The pitcher had to spend some of their prime with the Phillies, I couldn’t use Pedro’s prime just because…

November 17, 2017