Announcement about the Future of Crashburn Alley

The Phillies are on the verge of completing a cycle of disappointment that started in October 2011. Throughout the Phillies’ tough rebuild and the glory years that preceded it, Crashburn Alley has been a stalwart of the Phillies community. Unfortunately I have not had the time to continue the legacy put forward by years ofContinue reading… Announcement about the Future of Crashburn Alley Author: Matt Winkelman From Feed: Powered…

July 17, 2018

In Signing Scott Kingery the Phillies Show the Complicated Process of Building a Young Core

On Sunday, the Phillies announced both that Scott Kingery would be on the opening day roster and that they had agreed to a 6 year deal with 3 options years. There is a lot going on in that statement, both for the Phillies and Scott as baseball entities, and for the two of them asContinue reading… In Signing Scott Kingery the Phillies Show the Complicated Process of Building a Young…

March 27, 2018

Crash Bag #5: Investing in Prospects

Did you know the Phillies signed Jake Arrieta this week, because they did. It means there are no questions this week about whether the Phillies should sign Jake Arrieta. Instead this week I go on a tangent about paying minor leaguers. Also look for exciting site developments next week. @andrew_pantano: What would be the firstContinue reading… Crash Bag #5: Investing in Prospects Author: Matt Winkelman From Feed: Powered by…

March 16, 2018

Crash Bag #4: Desi Relaford is Salty

What is your favorite Desi Relaford memory — Justin Klugh (@justin_klugh) March 8, 2018 In case you hadn’t heard, Desi Relaford thinks Phillies fans are trash. Here’s a counterpoint: Desi Relaford is trash. In parts of five seasons with the Phillies, Relaford came to the plate 1189 times and produced a 66 OPS+. In every single season Relaford was with the Phillies, he was below replacement level. Here are his…

March 9, 2018

Crash Bag Vol. 45 – Poetry And Prospects And Punters (Wait…Quarterbacks, Not Punters)

I greet you with this query from Poet Laureate of The Phils Blogosphere: What are the best soil nutrients? — Wet Luzinski (@Wet_Luzinski) December 15, 2017 My response to this reference to an interesting quote from our new field manager, is a verse for that February day when spring returns to Clearwater, Florida, while the rest of us still slowly move out of winter. SOIL As frost wanes As snow…

December 15, 2017

Crash Bag Vol. 43: Missing Doc

We lost a legend this week. As I’m sure you’re aware, Roy Halladay, the greatest pitcher I’ve ever seen, died in a plane crash on Tuesday. He was only 40. And while the baseball world mourns his death, including here at the site, it’s important to remember that, even as we lost Doc, his children and his wife lost Dad. For us, the loss is still personal; he was our…

November 10, 2017


Roy Halladay died today. It’s a crushing blow to his family, all his friends in Colorado, Florida, Toronto, and Philadelphia, as well as the Blue Jays and Phillies organizations. It doesn’t really matter that Roy Halladay was one of the best pitchers who ever lived – there’s a plaque in Cooperstown that will go up someday to tell you all about it. The legacy that Roy Halladay leaves behind, at…

November 7, 2017

2017 Phillies Report Card: Ty Kelly

Ty Kelly was not the most heralded addition to the 2017 roster. In fact, we didn’t really trade for him; it was more that we bought him from Toronto for cash. I don’t know how much “cash considerations” generally is, but I think it’s an insignificant sum. And Kelly is a relatively insignificant player in the landscape of the MLB. He entered the season a borderline Major Leaguer and played…

November 2, 2017

You Can’t Make a Unicorn by Putting a Horn on a Horse’s Head

Yesterday Phillies president Andy MacPhail sat down and answered questions about the Phillies rebuild and the direction the team would take going into the offseason. When asked about where they would go with pitching, MacPhail responded with this. “We get inundated with stories across the game about everybody is looking for starting pitching. Just get two quality starters and we’ll be all set. Well, you might as well look for…

October 4, 2017

Phillies To Call Up J.P. Crawford: Looking Forward

This piece is a companion to my J.P. Crawford retrospective on Phillies Minor Thoughts. The most anticipated transaction in the Phillies system for the best 3+ years was the promotion of J.P. Crawford to the majors. It was a move that was meant represent the start of the new age of Philadelphia baseball. Crawford has slipped a bit from this path, but he is still the Phillies top prospect and…

September 4, 2017