You may want to wait before placing your bet on the Phils win total

It’s never easy to project win totals from year to year because so much can happen during a given season. An ace can go down with a shoulder injury, a promising rookie could prove to be a bust, or a slugger may underperform. Looking at the Phillies right now, it’s even more difficult to project a win total as it’s not clear if the club will have a bat like…

February 1, 2019

Upper Darby native Mike Scioscia steps down as Angels manager after 19 years

MMke Scioscia announced Sunday he’s stepping down from his role as manager of the Los Angeles Angels. The Upper Darby native and Springfield High School product had spent 19 seasons managing the club. “It’s been second to none. It’s been incredible,” Scioscia told reporters of his time in Anaheim (see video below). The 59-year-old led the Angels to their lone World Series win in 2002 and finishes with an impressive.536…

September 30, 2018

The World Series Favorites In Mid-September

Unfortunately it’s looking as if the Phillies will miss out on the playoffs. A late surge isn’t out of the question, but there are a few too many games to make up for a wild card berth for anyone to be particularly comfortable, which means a fairly strong season may come up short. Progress is progress though, and the Phillies are on their way back to being a contending team….

September 20, 2018

Baseball's important role in healing America following 9/11 attacks

Affectionately referred to as our national pastime, baseball has been a cornerstone of American identity since the creation of semipro and professional clubs in the middle of the nineteenth century. The sport, at its purest and most simplistic form, ignores cultural and generational differences and unifies fans via competition. This article explores the role of baseball as it relates to national healing following the attacks of 9/11. The article examines…

September 11, 2018

Chase Utley to hold potential retirement press conference

July 13, 2018

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced second baseman Chase Utley will be holding a press conference on Friday afternoon at Dodger Stadium. No additional details have been released. Utley, 39, is hitting just .231 on the season with the Dodgers and has missed considerable time with a sprained thumb. He’s spent 16 years in the Majors, including 13 with Philadelphia. A six-time All-Star, Utley played a pivotal role in the…


Some childhood memories and reliving the 1993 Phillies

June 10, 2018

I remember sitting in my parents’ house in October 1993 and laying on the couch fighting to keep my eyes open. I was 10-years-old and watching the Phillies slug it out with the Blue Jays in the Fall Classic. That team was something else, particularly for an impressionable kid captivated with baseball. I remember Billy Penn donning the Phillies’ cap. I remember the “dress down” days at school where we…


Three MLB players connected to Philadelphia to remember this Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2018

Philadelphia is rich in baseball tradition, so it’s appropriate that the Phillies and Athletics have a strong association with United States military. With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, here’s a look at three former ballplayers with connections to Philadelphia that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms today. Eddie Grant: A Harvard grad, the Phillies purchased his contract from the Jersey City of the Eastern League in August 1906. He…


Could the Phillies and Orioles ever be division rivals?

May 15, 2018

Tuesday night will mark just the third time in the last decade the Phillies will have visited Baltimore’s Camden Yards. For such a beautiful ballpark so close to Philadelphia, it’s a shame the two clubs don’t face each other more often. But, what if? What if Major League Baseball executed on a recent idea that’s been floating around and expanded from 30 to 32 teams while realigning the current divisions?…


Trophies, Little League Baseball, and Gary Vaynerchuk

May 4, 2018

I‘ve been on a Gary Vaynerchuk kick for the last year. The man is an absolute hustler and puts out some of the best business growth content on the Internet. If you need a push or an idea, he’s your go-to guy. I had the opportunity to see Vaynerchuk speak live in Philadelphia this past week along with legends Tony Robbins and Les Brown. Think of these three as the…


Jim Thome and Chipper Jones highlight my Hall of Fame ballot

December 21, 2017

Every year around the Holidays I’m forced to reconsider my stance on steroid users and their place in baseball history as I submit my IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot. I once thought my view of PEDs would change as time moved on but it hasn’t, and so again I’ve left Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens off my ballot. In my opinion, neither player has adequately addressed their connection to performance-enhancing…