Brock Stassi has to make this Phillies team going to Opening Day

Embed from Getty Images “Beast” Stassi should be his name, but will he be making this Phillies team? Ok, this will be the test for Phillies management. Will they or won’t they send Brock Stassi up with the Phillies for Opening Day in Cincinnati? We’ve seen this all before, a player who plays his heart out and is ready for a chance in the big leagues with the Phillies instead…

March 14, 2017

Spring Training thoughts from Phils Fan Jack

March 9, 2017

This year, the blog is happy to have ‘Phils Fan Jack’ down in Florida scouting the team and sending his observations back up to the readers of the blog here on – here’s the first post: 1. My first game was Tuesday, 3/7/17, Phillies vs. Tigers in Lakeland. Brock Stassi started the game at first base then shifted to left field.  Stassi is really hitting and clubbed a grand…