This One Is Going to Hurt, Hoskins’ Jaw Injury Force Cozens to the Majors

It didn’t take long for the buzz of an exciting call up for Mitch Walding to wear off. It appears that Rhys Hoskins was misdiagnosed when it looked like he had dodged major injury from a foul ball to the face, because instead of being day to day he has a fractured jaw and willContinue reading… This One Is Going to Hurt, Hoskins’ Jaw Injury Force Cozens to the Majors…

May 31, 2018

Forget about Rhys Hoskins at first base, MLB Right Now! ranked Carlos Santana in Top 10

Ok Phillies fans, it’s only less than 10 days till Spring Training officially opens it’s doors to the Phillies! That means we’re going to see a team that should be an improvement over the past couple of years with the Phils finish in last place. Rhys Hoskins was one of the big reasons to get back into Phillies baseball last year, he smacked 18 HRs while appearing in 50 games…

February 6, 2018

Hoskins, BABIP, and Sustainability

The topic of Rhys Hoksins and sustainability is a big one, because no one believes he will hit 80 home runs a year, but they do want to know how real he is. Today The Athletic Philly wrote about Hoskins and sustainability and this set of paragraphs caught me. The rest of Hoskins’ success at the plate is no fluke. The average major league player has a BABIP (batting average…

September 14, 2017

Phillies’ Patience Allows for Joseph Turnaround

Rhys Hoskins is hitting .327/.407/.617 in AAA. He is putting up one of the best hitting seasons in the minor leagues. On May 1, the Phillies biggest weaknesses were probably catcher and first base. This led to calls for Hoskins (and Jorge Alfaro) to be promoted to the major leagues. Since the beginning of May, Cameron Rupp has been hitting .364/.462/.636, but more importantly, Tommy Joseph is hitting .393/.500/.857. Even…

May 11, 2017